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Ow my doggo! Amazing game! Poor Rocky....

Guy this is irritating! A as shot and S as dash? Man, i really did this a lot of times, pressed A trying to dash and died. wow. Well, together with this, i get stucked in walls a lot of times when dashing. Well, despite my hate for all this, the game is good, have potential to be a great game and be funny more then irritating. I like it :D

I'm really sorry to give this rating. I feel this game have some message somewhere, it need to have an motivation and a message to touch the player, but i didnt felt it, i cant see a message, none, and i think it was the most boring thing that i already played.

Verzinsky responds:

Np! This game is not for everybody :( Im sorry too.

Why the hell that strange Sasuke is looking at me?
Rape? Really, really really? Come on man
She is sleeping, the same Sasuke that is looking at me didn't fucked her...
There are no hope of some star, is there?

Hmm, ok, the level 2 was fucking hard, man, the oil level was wtf, i didnt need to use nothing, the gravity level, well, Im at the door, i cant move, the door isn't closing, what is happening?

She disappeared...ow, she just has gone.

DanielCotorogea responds:

I'm sorry for that, maybe you made her upset :))

I dont know what ta hell was this, but i loved.

oh my heart attack! I loved!

Man, i loved it, but i wanna the Lone Wolf

I found everything but some medals dont unlocked, so I did not get the 100%. Still, congratulations for the work.

I'm shy...PFFF NO! I just don't wanna talk about me.

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